For Flash Sale Sites

What Type of Flash Sales Are on
To qualify for listing on, a sale must meet the following criteria:
  • The sale must be available for shipping, either physically or electronically.
  • The sale must be time-limited, and indicate a specific time-limited period of availability on the sale page.
At this time, is focused on the United States, but we will be expanding our offering outside the United States in the coming months.

How Do I Get My Deals on

Our customers are always looking for more deals. To qualify your feed for inclusion, please submit your site to us. We must approve your site before we can list your flash sale on New submissions are evaluated upon receipt.

Please note we reserve the right to decide to include or not include deals or feeds on our site. Any deal or site that persistently updates the same item with new times can be temporarily or permanently banned from the site.

How Does Get All Its Flash Sales?
We don't sleep. We are constantly looking for new Flash Sales to include in our database, via feeds, robots and good old-fashioned typing. We have more than 100 partner sites, and are adding more all the time. We sweep our content to make sure all the data is accurate and up-to-date.

We encourage sites to send us their feeds or provide credentials to allow us to take in your content.

What Is the Cost?
To our customers, nothing. We look to ensure inclusion in all our partners affiliate programs.

Does Have Promoted Deals?
Our main search is not influenced by any payments made to Inclusion on our homepage, in our featured deals, and in our emails is available to our partners.

How Do I Submit My Deal Feed or API? accepts structured data, preferably in RSS or XML feeds. The feed must be updated on each call, to ensure the most timely information is available and include direct links to each Flash Sale.

The following data is required for our feed:

  • Site Name
  • Title (65 characters or less)
  • Image URL
  • Start time, in the UNIX epoch or machine-formatted date with proper timezone offset
  • End time, in the UNIX epoch or machine-formatted date with proper timezone offset
  • Price
  • Regular Price
  • Category
  • Unique URL
  • Description (250 characters or less)
  • Sold Out indicator

The following information is preferred, but not required

  • Brand
  • Sale Group (if any)
  • Subcategory
  • Quantity Remaining
  • Quantity Sold
  • Location (for travel) - Latitude/Longitude or full address please

Please note if your site is password protected, a bypass parameter to display the Flash Sale is preferred. To submit your feed, please email us at .